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10/06/08 12:22 AM #8    

Cindy Dye (Walker)

Great Job kim and Committee,

I'm so excited, I can't wait for our reunion, I missed our 10 yr. HMMM I just had my baby girl then. This year I'm not going to miss it. I'm sure we'll have a blast.

Thank You Kim and Committee!!! See you there.

10/06/08 08:34 PM #9    

Vicki LoRusso (Risley)

Thanks for taking the time and effort in planning this event. I really appreciate.

10/12/08 03:50 PM #10    

Meg Rollberg (Ringbauer)

So...nobody knows where to find my buddy Brian Dunn?? That sucks!! Well I hope everyone is well. My husband cannot make the reunion because his reunion is the same night.(Stagg 88) But I'll be hangin' with my girl friends and Cindy said she'd put out (just kidding) Kim, I love the sight & thank you for your time and effort. Meg Rollberg (Ringbauer)

10/24/08 05:02 PM #11    

Gina McAdrian

I will not be able to attend the reunion due to some unforeseen family business, but I will be at the ice breaker!!! Thanks for all the hard work on this website and the reunion!

10/26/08 11:59 AM #12    

Don Lind


10/26/08 02:47 PM #13    

Brien Akers

Wow what an awesome time we had at the reunion and the icebreaker! It was so great to see old friends that we haven't seen in years. Everyone looked great (my self included). 20 years is a long time and to have just a few hours to catch up doesn't seem right. We need to have some Bourbon Street gatherings (or any bar for that matter). Most of us are signed up on the sight and our email addresses are out there so it shouldn't be to hard to make it happen. I'd love to see some of the pictures people where taking last night it would be nice for the site to have a page to upload them to. Kim and crew thanks so much for all your hard work, it was a total success!

10/26/08 08:36 PM #14    

Renee Feiner (Meulner)

Thank you all for a great 20-yr reunion! The committee worked hard for almost a year to bring the icebreaker and reunion celebration to all of us. What a success! There are so many times that I looked around the room on Friday and Saturday night and saw nothing but smiles, hugs and warm greetings. If you attended the ice breaker, reunion or both, thank you so much for coming ... I know all of us had a great time. For those who attended or couldn't attend for whatever reason, please stay in touch through the website. I look forward to chatting with you over the coming years.

To Kim and Shannon, "Thank you" for being great leaders, your hard work and dedication. "Thank you" to all who helped make our fundraiser, BaseballMania, a success. If you sold tickets or bought tickets, we could not have done it without you. Congratulations to our 20 winners, who shared over $1,000 in prize money. "Thank you" to Monica and Beth for your work with the venue. To all committee members, thank you for donating countless hours of your time to the success of our 20-year reunion.

Hope to see everyone at the 25-year. Take care, Renee.

10/26/08 09:26 PM #15    

Meg Rollberg (Ringbauer)

I had an awesome time at the reunion. Everyone was so much more social than at the 10 year. I absolutely LOVED seeing everyone and I agree with Brian Akers that we should try to hook up a little more often. Anyways, thanks Kim & crew for everything......we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Meg Ringbauer (Rollberg)

10/27/08 02:09 AM #16    

Ed Olandese

All in all, it was great to see everyone. It's nice to know between New Lenox, Plainfield, and Morris, I can still manage to see 83% of the class. Except for Bizzoto, Walters, and Taylor, who obviously became part of a witness protection program. Not my business...

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again. Kim, and friends, exceptional job and hard work, on taking the fore-front for us. It was greatly appreciated. Any picture posts of the event would be appreciated.

Take Care of yourselves,
Rich "Mushroom" Panovich

10/27/08 01:17 PM #17    

Patricia Racine

Thank you Kim and gang for a great 20 year reunion. I had so much fun. It was so great to see so many people that I haven't seen in the last 10 years, especially since moving to Wisconsin. It was so nice to catch up and hear about everyone's lives. I cannot wait to see everyone again. I do have some pictures that I will post or email to people. Thanks for everything! Keep in touch.

10/27/08 01:18 PM #18    

Gwen Sea

Thank you to everyone who attended the IceBreaker and/or Reunion. It was a BLAST! For those who were unable to attend either event, we missed you and hope you can manage to attend the next gathering.

I agree with Brien and Meg, we definitely need to get together more often; even waiting for a 25-year seems too long.

I would love to see everyone's pics from either night. It was so great to see old friends that I've lost touch with for one reason or another. I hope we continue to stay in touch now that we've re-connected.

Big THANKS to Kim and Shannon, for without their dedication, our committee would have faltered and the reunion might not have been successful if it even happened at all.

Live long and prosper.

10/27/08 05:35 PM #19    

Romina Elizalde (Gieseman)

John and I had a wonderful time and many thanks to all the people who put their time into making this happen. Kim, you have done an outstanding job and thank you for your dedication. Everyone looks so good and we have some pretty terrific people in our class. The whole night went by so fast!


10/28/08 12:05 AM #20    

John Hollendonner

Getting together more often would be a great idea. I had a blast. It was awesome seeing everyone again. A 25 year reunion would be great, however I don't see any reason why many of us can't get together once a year. We have a kick ass website now to make it easier to stay in touch. We can have an organized reunion every 5 years, and something informal on the years in between. I have to say thanks to everyone involved with the planning and setting everything up, you did a great job.

10/28/08 12:57 PM #21    

Debra Bacon (George)

Kim and committee,

Thank you for a great night. I can't believe I almost missed it. What a mind-blow this whole weekend was. I missed the 10 yr so this was awesome to see everyone. Looking forward to the next get together.

All the best,
Debbie (Bacon) George

10/28/08 01:10 PM #22    

Rob Cipriani

I can`t believe how much fun it all was and can`t wait to see everyone again. My thanks to all who worked so hard to make it happen. It was a night that I will never forget.

10/30/08 08:30 AM #23    

Dena Lockwood

I had a great time too. Thanks so much to Kim and the rest of the committee. Everyone put a lot of time and effort into it to make everything so wonderful. It was so nice to see so many people that date back even to kindergarten. I think we should keep in touch more often. The OLCHS Alumni has hosted several "All-Class" events at Bourbon Street. Maybe more of our Class will go next time.

I have posted pictures on my profile from the Ice Breaker.

Check them out!

10/31/08 01:59 PM #24    

Cliff May

Happy Halloween!! Whew! In an instant it's now part of the past. Once again, I had an absolutely awesome time. I tried stressing that to each person I talked to before this one and will for the future ones. You only get one opportunity to do these things so you need to make them happen. I think one way to stay in touch is having the ability to throw invites out on the web site. Low maintenance events can easily happen. Someone said a party at a forest preserve, another Bourbon St. and I'm sure someone else can rustle up a boat to float around on the Illinois River in Marseilles where I keep my boat. I can take 4-5 people. Water, Sun, beach, grills, and tunes (my boat has a bad ass stereo). 10-15 people would make an awesome time! I also would like to give thanks to those who played a role in making everything happen! Oh, Yeah! I was a winner in of the charitymania sweepstakes, too!! Ha haaaaaa.

11/02/08 07:58 AM #25    

Don Lind


11/03/08 07:31 AM #26    

Meg Rollberg (Ringbauer)

I agree with Cliff. We have a boat that can seat about 11-13 people and we have a huge tube (though I don't think anyone wants to tube on the Illinois River), but like Cliff said, tunes, sun and awesome people could be fun. Thats a little far off, though,so I hope we can find the time and effort to get together sooner. Take care. Meg

11/13/08 10:11 PM #27    

Brien Akers

The get together on the 22nd is exactly what I was talking about. Unfortunately we can't make it. We have another party that night. Lets keep it going though, we'll be at the next one or four!

11/20/08 11:29 PM #28    

Tom Kozik

Good thought on the boat Cliffy. I just bought a small jet boat ('96 Sea Doo Challenger). It barely seats 5, but it gets me on the water. I have put it in at Channahon and Starved Rock. Looks like I went to the East and West of you on the river LOL.

I still remember seeing you in the middle of my 12 hour moutain bike race at Palos. Pretty funny. Man I lost at least a lap talking to you in the middle of the race! hehe That was brutal but one of my best races - I completed 98 miles in 98 degrees and took sixth place for the solo riders. I had to climb that stupid hill I seen you on as well as two others like it thirty something times. That is why I didn't recognize you at first-I was in race mode and not expecting to see someone from HS watching me agonizing up a hill. Caught me off guard.

Look for me on the river. You will probably see the '96 SeaDoo launching through the air with my passengers flying overboard on both sides with the DNR right behind me. Actually a little west of Channahon is a sand bar that is a foot deep. Everyone parks the boats and hangs out. They have a permanent volleyball net in the middle of the sandbar. That would be a cool place for us all to hang out with your BadAss stereo.


12/25/08 07:55 AM #29    

Don Lind


01/29/09 11:36 AM #30    

Christine Oliver (Pohlman)

i was so sorry i missed the reunion, but unfortunately unexpected circumstances prevented me from going. if there are anymore "get togethers" please let me know, would love to see you guys again

02/21/09 08:47 PM #31    

Robert Adams

Where are the pics from the reunion?

09/24/13 08:58 AM #32    

Dave Lopez

Thank you for all of you efforts in organizing the upcoming reunion. I missed all of the past reunions, but I will not miss this one. :)

I am looking forward to seeing everyone again, it has been a long time!

Take care.

David Lopez

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